Sorry, But I’m Unarmed

Officer Dan Newman of the Las Vegas Police Department told America’s Dumbest Criminals of an unintentionally funny event that occurred while he was involved in a routine narcotics operation.

“We raided the house of a known drug dealer, and the suspect, upon our entering, went running down a hallway toward the back of the home,” Newman said.

“Unbeknownest to us, the man was an amputee who usually wore a prosthesis. After a moment or two of hide-and-seek my partner yelled out from the back of the house, “Hey, I’ve got the suspect here in the back bedroom … and he’s unarmed!”

prostheticIt wasn’t until Newman and his partner entered the room and saw the prosthetic limb lying on the bed that they realized the true impact of the statement. Even the suspect laughed – but not for long. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to resale.


Taken from Daniel Butler and Alan Ray, Wanted: Dumb and Alive. (Nashville: Rutledge Hill Press, 1996), 80. Availble on Amazon HERE