People Fail in Network Marketing?

First, The True News

Failure is Always Your Fault People fail in Network Marketing? Really? 🙂 Make sure you learn the following perspective of the typical network marketing company leadership and upline leaders. If you carry out all you are told in company training videos, meetings, webinars, and manuals and you see little to no results; according to the typical upline and support team, it is NOT the fault of the network marketing company, the system, or the leadership. It  is ALWAYS you! YOU aren’t doing it right (according to them). This is where the frustration begins.

people fail in network marketing
You see, there is a LOT of hype from the typical network marketing company’s recruiting efforts. This hype includes amazing testimonials of success, photos of people holding large cardboard checks made out for hundreds of thousands of dollars, video clips of people on exotic vacations, and of course; rags to riches stories. These are all designed to draw the person who is looking to improve his or her life in to the business. Each year, by the countless thousands, people join these companies and each year; by the countless thousands, they quit within a few months. And according to their network marketing upline and leadership these people are just non-dedicated, uncommitted quitters and cry-babies with bad attitudes.