Natural Cholesterol Guide (Lower Cholesterol Naturally)

The Stunning Secrets That I Used To Plummet My Cholesterol 100 Points In 26 Days -Naturally, Safely, And Easily!

Throw your cholesterol meds in the trash once and for all using natural, proven techniques you won’t find anywhere else

Dear Friend,

Before I reveal the unbelievable approach that’s guaranteed to make your cholesterol and heart attack risk freefall, let me ask you a few simple questions:

  • Are you struggling with high cholesterol?
  • Do you pop statins (like Lipitor or Crestor) like they’re candy?
  • Do you spend hundreds, or even thousands, of your hard earned dollars to lower your cholesterol –with nothing to show for it but a pile of medical bills?
  • Do you struggle day in and day out with your cholesterol drug’s horrible side effects?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you need to read this entire page because it will change your life.

I Almost Died

Hi, my name is Scott Davis –medical researcher, alternative health expert, and former cholesterol sufferer.

Not along ago I was just like you. My cholesterol was sky-high (peaking at over 300!), I was one step away from the operating table (or worse), and I knew that it was only a matter of time before my heart gave out for good.

For the first time, I’m going to blow the lid off of the “cholesterol industry” and unveil the remarkable plan that transformed me from ticking time bomb to specimen of impeccable health!

You’ll See Firsthand How I Beat Cholesterol (and the Grim Reaper):
  • Without dangerous drugs that actually make you sicker
  • Without a diet that forces you to nibble on lettuce leaves 3 meals per day
  • Without spending your precious free time running on a treadmill like an overworked lab rat
  • Without surgery, drugs, or whacky alternative medicine “miracle cures”
The Moment Everything Changed

Picture this: you’re sitting in your doctor’s office for what you thought was going to be a routine checkup. When the door opens, you see your doctor walk in with a giant frown on his face. Immediately, you sense that something’s gone terribly wrong.

Then he delivers the horrible news: “I’d hate to say this, but your cholesterol is dangerously high”. He drives another stake through your heart: “If things don’t improve soon, we’re going to have to operate…otherwise, you may not make it much longer”.

Instantly, something hits you: you’ve been following your doctor’s advice: taking his meds like clockwork, cutting our junk food, and hitting the gym now and again. You ask yourself: “how can I still have high cholesterol if I’ve been doing everything right?”.

Well guess what? That’s exactly what happened to me. Even though I was devastated at the time, it ended up being a blessing in disguise because it put a fire under me to find a way out of the cholesterol-laden mess I was in.

I Tried Everything

Believe me, before I stumbled upon this amazing high cholesterol cure, I tried every so-called “treatment” under the sun.

I tried:

  • Cutting out fat
  • Eating more fat
  • Downing enough garlic pills to kill a vampire
  • Exercising day and night
  • New “cutting-edge” medications
  • Acupuncture
  • Eating like a rabbit
You know what I found?

99% of them don’t do a thing to help cholesterol. And even more surprising?

Even if some treatments do lower cholesterol, they don’t reduce your likelihood of getting a heart attack.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

One of first things I came across in my research was how useless most medications are! Skeptical?
Consider these startling facts:
  • Even though we spend more money on cholesterol drugs than ever before, 41% of all deaths are from heart disease
  • According to a landmark study in The Journal Of the American Medical Association, the typical low-fat diet simple doesn’t help heart attack risk one bit!
  • Yet another study out of University of Washington School of Medicine found that even though Statins like Lipitor lower cholesterol, they don’t make a dent in your risk of dying from a heart attack
  • A whopping 36% of all people taking cholesterol lowering medications report side effects