Color Me Dumb – Dumbest Criminals

Officers Robert Cox and Ed Leach of Birmingham, Alabama, were on patrol in an area known for its drug houses when they spotted 5 men, most of them familiar looking, in an old Datsun with expired tags. The car also had two different colored front fenders. One fender was brown, the other white. The officers shook there heads over the eye-catching repair job as they issued the driver a ticket for the expired tags.

About three hours later, the police department received a call that a robbery had gone down at a convenience store. The getaway car was – you guessed it – a multi-colored Datsun. Bingo! Because the driver’s name was already known due to the expired tags ticket, the officers knew his address. They proceeded straight to the house, where they arrested the driver and his 4 buds.

The suspects were stunned. They couldn’t imagine how they had been caught so fast.


Taken from Daniel Butler and Alan Ray, Wanted: Dumb and Alive. (Nashville: Rutledge Hill Press, 1996), 80. Availble on Amazon HERE